Stephanie Beatriz hints she wants to Be The Next Batwoman

So we are all still sad that Ruby Rose has left Batwoman. But still with every (not so infinite) crisis comes new opportunity. When the news broke about Rose’s departure Stephanie Beatriz went straight to Twitter to say, *reads everything about Batwoman”,  which suggests she was interested in taking on the role. 

When a fan suggested that she go Method she also had this to add:

Rose departed on good terms, though we as of yet do not know why she left. It was possibly it was due to the dangerous work on set. Rose herself had to undergo surgery after herniating two discs in her back, and a crew member was left paralyzed from the waist down in another accident. Also there is the hectic schedule that she has to work, or the general fan backlash that comes with one of these roles. As I stated in a previous article she is a grown women and all we can do is wish her well.

Beatriz has for years wanted to play a superhero role so this may be the perfect opportunity after all Batwoman is almost as badass as Detective Rosa Diaz. 

Fingers crossed this leads somewhere.


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