Looks Like Pixar Is Going To Break Me Again

Who doesn’t love a good Pixar film?

Seriously if you hate Pixar you are dead inside. 

And speaking of death, someone at Pixar has a serious obsession with death…

The premise for Soul is as follows:

Joe Gardner, a middle school music teacher, has long dreamed of performing jazz music onstage, and finally gets a chance after impressing other jazz musicians during an opening act at the Half Note Club.

However, an untimely accident causes Gardner’s soul to be separated from his body, and transported to the “You Seminar”, a center in which souls develop and gain passions before being transferred to a newborn child, and Gardner must work with souls in training, such as 22, a soul with a dim view on life after being trapped for years at the You Seminar, in order to return to Earth before it’s too late.

It is an unusual idea for a film, but continues Pixars quest to make death less scary and this time unlike Coco it is showing us the mysteries of before and the magic of life and lets face it music is where most of lifes magic lies.

With a cast that includes Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, Questlove, Phylicia Rashad, and Daveed Diggs you just know this is going to be good. 

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