Sandman Is Coming To Audible

Neil Gaiman fans rejoice because Audible has a special treat for us. Coming this summer we will get an all new, all star, audible production of Sandman. Narrated by Neil Gaiman himself.

If you are unfamiliar with the character then you are in for a real treat. Sandman follows Dream aka Morpheus. He is one of seven Endless, entities that embody various aspects of existence.  He is the personification of dreams, storytelling and due to the nature of the Endless he is also the personification of that which he is the opposite of, so reality. Dream is not only Neil Gaiman’s creation but he is also part of the DC universe. If you where to look up Sandman you would see several superheroes with that moniker, I can assure you that though related to Dream this book is not about superheroes.

Sandman is dark fantasy at its finest and if you want something unique this will be the choice for you. As of yet we do not know who will be starring in this audible project but you can be sure that it will have several big names attached.


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