A Great Documentary Showing The Joys Of Dungeons and Dragons

Back when Dungeons and Dragons first came out it was seen as a threat, something to be feared. There was a full on movement involving Christian groups and a terrible Tv movie that starred Tom Hanks that warned us how this innocent game was going to turn us all into Satanic madmen. But now DnD has found a new home in modern Nerd culture, we have a near endless supply of books, several shows, video games and the community even has its very own celebrities. DnD is here to stay and people better get used to it.

If you are even remotely interested in the topic then you should join Roth Cornet as they embark on a campaign to investigate the resurgence of D&D. They will go back to the beginnings where nerds would gather in the dark places and full to the modern era where shows like Critical Role are breaking records.


This video is full of interviews with the likes of Joe Starr, Adam Bradford, Todd Kenreck, Greg Tito, Liz Schuh, Kat Jones, Liam O’Brian, Marisha Ray, Matt Mercer, Travis Willingham, Satine Phoenix, Jerry Holkins, Matthew Lillard, Joe Manganiello, Jason Azeved, Xander Jeanneret, Deborah Ann Woll, Hope LaVelle, Jen Kretchmer, Jason Charles Miller, Lauren Urban, TJ Storm, B. Dave Walters, Brian Posehn, Luke Gygax, Bill Rehor, Tanya DePass, Dragon Friends,: Alex Lee, David Harmon, Mark Hulmes, Rhiannon Gower, Ali and Sam Jay Africa, Cale Clark, Captain Robear , LaTia Bryant, Matt McElroy Lisa Chen, Kate Welch and Jeremy Crawford.

If you have never played it you really should Dungeons and Dragons is the game that let’s you create your own personal world and that is fucking beautiful.

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