A Hidden Life Trailer Gives Us A Powerful Message

If you are looking for one reason to watch this, then know that it is a Terrence Malick film and he is a genius, Days of Heaven and The Tree Of Life are easily two of the most beautiful films I have ever seen, – that is the only reason you need to watch this. But if your looking for a second reason then I will give you one. The film is about Franz Jägerstätter, an unsung hero that few outside is native Austria know of.

So who was Franz Jägerstätter?

Franz Jägerstätter, O.F.S.was an Austrian conscientious objector during World War II. His issues came with how the Nazi party was becoming more and more controlling so in a quiet act if defiance he refused to take the Hitler Oath and fight for his nation. He would also offer to serve as a paramedic in the army but this in turn was ignored. After hearing about the execution of Austrian priest Franz Reinisch, he was determined to go the same way. In the end Jägerstätter was sentenced to death by guillotine and executed.

Along the way he would be imprisoned and humiliated, but he held fast to his beliefs and that is what is truly important. In a day and age where people seem to think that being a Nazi is ok again, it is important to share stories like these, we cannot fall victim to the complacency that allows evil men to reign, we need to oppose this at all costs, that is the legacy of Franz Jägerstätter and it is one we must hold dear to our hearts.

Never forget that fascism is evil and it is a lie, we must always fight it.

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