Let Iron Man Charge Up All Your Goodies

The worlds of Gaming and Movies are about to collide with this epic piece of real world loot. As any self respecting console gamer will understand, there is nothing worse than having to charge your controller, especially if you only have limited space. Well now you can get an extra charger port and charge your controller in style, using this Iron Man shaped charger.

And if you are not an Iron Man fan or would prefer to have all the Avengers then fear not because this is the first of many that Cable Guy will be looking to release. In fact Cable Guy and they will be launching a brand new collection at Gamescon later this month. In the meanwhile you can purchase one here.

The charger is not only comparable with most controllers but also with your tablets and phones too, which is handy, especially if like me you like to watch Youtube when your in the bathroom. The Avengers: Endgame Iron Man Cable Guy Controller Holder stands at a 8-inches tall with a 6-foot long USB C charging cable for your devices, making it both compact and versatile.

So who else wants one of these?

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