Pokemon Sword and Shield Answers Some Of It’s Problems

Sword and Shield has been met with a lack luster response, a lot of fans feel pretty let down by it and it is starting to seem like Pokemon games are just there to sell and promote merchandise. Not only that but the company that makes the Pokemon games is also currently working on a passion project of theirs so it has felt like this new game is more of an after thought, especially since certain features where left out of this, ones that proved popular in other games, though it appears that a few have snuck in here, at least in this new trailer. So fans do not give into despair this game might not be as bad as you all thought.

One of the big features in Sun and Moon where the regional variants and it looks like those are coming back for Sword and Shield which is great because I am a huge fan of the new Weezing, the chimney stack kind of looks like a top hat and that’s just fancy. While Linnoone’s new coloring is pretty sweet

As well as new versions of old Pokemon we also got a new type one that changes depending on their mood. Morpeko is a hamster like Pokemon who changes type when they get hungry, plus it is a little cutey. In its full belly form it is a Electric and Dark Type. .

But when he gets hangry he flips and goes all dark, changing up their Aura Wheel ability.

What Pokemon game would be complete without a rival – ok I can name  a few but sill they are great to have. Back in Pokemon Red and Blue  my rival was called Cock Boy because he looked like a dick head but worse and this new guy Bede is a definite Cock Boy. He looks so smug you just wanna punch him.

Marine on the other hand seems to be portrayed as a more sympathetic rival, which is kind of sexist. Though I may be wrong.

Marine also has her super intense fans in the form of Team Yell. Just like a modern Team rocket these guys seriously need their asses kicked...

The trailer does show a lot of improvement and I feel it will help win some fans come back over but I am not sure if it is enough to make everyone happy.

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