Did Amouranth Just Say The N Word?

So Amouranth may be in trouble again with this twitter post. In the video there seems to be some debate over weather she says grocery store or Nig*** Store.

If you are not familiar with Amouranth she is one of Twitches Golden Girls who enjoys pushing the buttons, at least with showing skin. She also posts a lot of Youtube videos some of which are pranks, like going shopping dressed as a sexy French Maid, others are her trying on various outfits. The video in question is from one of her Twitch Streams.

Of course being the internet everyone has their own theories and weirdly enough it seems pretty evenly divided, but i cant tell if that is because of her fans quickly coming to her defense or because people genuinely though she said Grocery Store?

This guy is on the same page as me:

Honestly it does not sound like she is saying Grocery store but as for the N word even I am not sure about that. It def sounds like that but I would like to think that even if she was that way inclined she wouldn’t that dumb to say it live on twitch.(Then again I think we can all agree that racists are fucking stupid, because they believe race is something we can be valued upon.)

I am a fan so of course I am hopeful that she is not racist. At this point she has not made any statement so we only have this original video which at first glance is pretty damming.

What do you think did she say it and if she did what should Twitch do about it?

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