We Finally Got Our First Glimpse At My Hero Academia Season 4

Set the Calender’s for October 12th folks, because My Hero Academia will be returning to our screens for it’s fourth season. For those new to this series, it is set in a world where 80% of the population have gained some sort of mutation that gives them super human abilities. The majority of these are rather mediocre and mundane but some are quite extraordinary. In a world of super powers it is unsurprising to note that there are many super heroes and for one to be a hero you need to go to school. My Hero Academia follows one such school and in particular class 1A and their eccentric yet deadly teachers.

One of the biggest reveals for this season is the appearance of Sir Nighteye , one of All Might’s former sidekicks, whose quirk, “Foresight”, allows him to see a person’s future. Sir Nighteye’s Quirk activates by first touching a target and then making eye contact with them. Once these conditions have been met, Sir Nighteye gains the ability to see the entirety of the target’s future, second by second, for one whole hour. Sir Nighteye sees the future like frames of a film, and can only see the target from a third-person perspective and sometimes their surroundings. We also know that though he is a skilled fighter he is best served as a support hero and acted well in conjunction with All Might.

Hopefully this series will have a lot less crying than the previous ones…

So are you going to watch this?

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