Thrall Returns To Bring The Horde Back To Glory

Back in the day I was all about the alliance and by the way that day was Warcraft 2. I loved playing as the Alliance, they where everything I loved in a faction but all that changed with the arrival of Warcraft 3. In the third edition of the game we got to meet and follow Thrall, one of the most compelling characters ever created by Blizzard. He was a slave, who freed the orcs from prisons then he freed them from demon worship and helped reshape them into a noble and proud race once again.

But he is not their only great hero, they have others and few are quite as well loved and respected as Varok Saurfang. This is a character that truly represents honor and everything it can be. So well respected in and out of game that he lead the first great alliance of Horde and Alliance players in World of Warcraft. For a while he even became our version of Chuck Norris. These are absolute badasses and they have paid their debts to their universe time and time again. Thrall nearly went mad facing unspeakable evil and Varok lost his one and only son to a madman. Now it looks like they are coming back together to take on an even greater threat.

The Horde has been corrupted by poor and short sighted leadership, its current Warcheif has yet again lead it down a dark and unforgiving path it will take these two titans representing honor, integrity, balance, duty and freedom to bring it back into heal and save it from itself. Not only that but she has dared to attack its now retired savior. What I love about this trailer is the deeper meaning, sometimes we do not get to say when we quit, sometimes the universe forces you to come back and finish what you started – even if you are done with it.

This tempts me to come back to Warcraft because in the end I am a Horde player, I loved this faction, where the Alliance represented order the Horde was a family of out casts coming together to bring out the best in each other. They had Orcs newly cured of Demon worship, Elves barely surviving their addiction to magic, the unwanted Trolls without a home and the Forsaken who where a faction of undead that has been rejected by their former friends and loved ones. I am glad to see that the Horde shall rise again and hopefully this time they will rise under the right leadership.

Lok-tar ogar! 



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