Show Your Love For K/DA With This Awesome Merchandise

Are you a fan of the Goddess’s with the Blades, do you want to take it to the top?

Maybe you are the picture-perfect face with that wild in your veins. Can you feel the rush now?

If this applies to you then we might just have the perfect goodies for you. If you visit Riot Games online store and are a K/DA fan then you can pcik up some of this awesome head wear. First up is the band’s official dad hat. It is your basic baseball cap with adjustable strap, one size fits fall. The cap is nice simple and black, goes with anything casual and hard to go wrong with.

Now if you are looking for  something a little more stylish then you can show your adoration for Akali with this awesome snapback. Unlike the previous cap this one is a direct copy from the music video and it looks awesome. If you want it then check it out here.

This is one of Riot Games most requested items and you can see why. Ever since the original video for Pop Stars dropped everyone was blown away by the Akali visuals and half of that was down to her epic mask. Not only is the mask a fantastic tribute to the group but it is a glow-in-the-dark UV mask. One-size fits most.

You know with this gear ain’t nobody going to take you down so what are you waiting for?




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