Netflix Terrorizes Us With Black Summer

I honestly thought the world and myself would be sick of Zombies by now, but I guess I was wrong on all fronts. This new zombie series is produced by the Asylum and acts as a prequel/companion series to Z-Nation. It looks like Netflix is set to deliver 8 episodes of utter terror with this dark apocalyptic drama.

Black Summer is set during the early days of a zombie outbreak and stars Jamie King as a mother desperately trying to get her daughter back. The series will follow her as she goes through hell to try and see her child safely in her arms. Of course along the way she is going to have to fight her way through hordes of vicious and bloody zombies. If your where worried for her do not fret, for she will not be going it alone, our brave heroine will pull a rag tag group of survivors together and hopefully this will be enough for them all to survive.

If this has you excited then get your eyes pealed because the first season is set to be released on Netflix on April 11, 2019.


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