Looks like We Have Another Emotional Gut Punch From Pixar

It’s 2019, you think I would be over the Toy Story Franchise by now. After all I’m in my 30’s, but what can I say I am young at heart.

The first trailer for Toy Story 4 seems to tread common ground where the toys need to decide whats important them or their kid. Which is becoming a little worn out. Still I cannot help but think this one is going to be emotionally brutal especially with Little Bo-Peep returning to the series. Interestingly enough the plot is being driven by Forky, who is spork with pipe cleaners for arms and googly eyes. Forky is Bonnie’s new toy and is questioning his existence and the purpose of his life.

After Sporky runs away Woody chases after him and ends up lost, which see’s Woody go on his own philosophical journey. It looks like this film is going to be very deep.

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