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Well this just go juicy. Thanks to the the Unificators closing in, Mal and Zoe must take some big risks to try to throw the enemy off their scent, as the crew of the Serenity start to grapple with the fact that their captain and first mate might not be who they say they are. likewise the pilgrims that the crew are escorting might not be who they say they are too. This is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

First off the Unifictors are anything but disappointing, these are a whole new type of rival for Mal and company to go up against. Instead of being motivated by money or politics this group is motivated by justice and even have their own sense of honor. Also it seems that their leader does have a legitimate grievance with Mal and Zoe, though it was nit what I thought it was. Interestingly enough she seems to be rather cordial with her targets, which is also kind of unique.

And in a complete turn that we all kind of saw coming, the Pilgrims are bat shit crazy. I suspect they are purging, or something similar to that, where the group can only commit violent acts at this one specific place and time. But I cannot figure are they trying to kill the crew or are they trying to kill each other too.

Finally and most importantly, we found out why Mal joined the Browncoats. Turns out his motivation all stemmed from love for his Mother, which is kind of sweet and makes plenty of sense. This series really helps develop Firefly continues to make it a more fleshed out universe.

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