Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer Break Down

With the Captain Marvel Trailer being so well received and the Punisher Season 2 due out in a matter of days you would think that we would be all Marveled out, it appears that this is far from true. The Spider-Man far from home trailer just dropped and it looks like a wild ride.

So without any holding back, here is my Spider-Man far from home trailer break down.

We see that Aunt May is suddenly ok with Peter being Spider-Man and seems to be actively shaping him into the “Friendly Neighborhood” persona. Note that Peter is back in his first Stark Made suit and not the Iron Spider.

It also seems like Happy and May are getting along, maybe a little to much for Peters liking. Interesting how there is no mention of Tony Stark here, so we do not know if he is dead or alive.

It appears that Peter is using this opportunity to take a break from being Spider-Man. What ever happened during infinity war may have scarred him. Though again it is interesting to note that no one mentions that events of the “Snap”.

I like how MJ here is shown as Peters intellectual and emotional equal.

Everyone’s favorite Super-Spy. It is interesting how he approaches Peter for this and not a more established hero. Maybe he wants to mentor the guy, maybe he is filling the void of someone else…

Admit it, you all wanted more Ned !

So this appears to be Agent 13 and Nick Fury going up against Magnum of the Elemental’s.

And this is Hellfire of the Elemental’s

This looks like a second new suit, one dedicated towards stealth, but also one equipped with body Armour.

So this is the MCU Mysterio, who apparently is an expert on the Elemental’s. In the comics he is an illusionist and I am calling it now, maybe he is somehow faking the Elemental attacks to pretend to be a hero for a bigger plan that we as of yet do not know?

Mysterio battles Hydron

There is something about this scene that leads me to believe that MJ may actually know about Peter’s secret, it’s just she is so dam smug, but maybe she is just being her usual self and I am reading into it to much. (Also notice how Cindy Moon did not appear in these trailers yet she was seen in the first Spider-Man MCU film)

This film looks like the much needed pallet clenser for a post Avengers End Game world. Think of Peters’s vacation as our collective vacation where we can all get a break from the MCU madness and just enjoy a romp across Europe battling Super Villains and being a super-spy.

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