Looks Like The Punisher Is Going To Make A Brutal return

Hands up if you loved the first season of the Punisher?

Ok so hands up if you also are upset at the cancellation of the majority of Netflix Marvel shows?

Because Lets face it I am sure you are all looking forward to season 2 of the Punisher. Are next dose of marvel before Captain Marvel comes out. Seriously at this point I really feel like a junky chasing his fix. Jumping from one MCU linked project to the next, hoping not to be let down by any of them. In the run up to the release of the Punisher, which may be January 18th, Netflix have put out a new teaser and a 3D motion poster, neither of which show an optimistic future for Mr Frank Castle.

The 3D motion poster shows what appears to be bag filled with a gun, money, duct tape, a first aid kit, and iconic skull marked bullet proof vest.

It appears that the plot to this season will follow a Punisher who lacks anyone to punish. He is now a man without a mission a soldier without a war, yet there may be one coming in the for of John Pilgrim, a twisted religious nut case. Now this may be the making of a great series. I guess only time will tell.

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