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We are into some lofty and complex territory with this one. Shattered grid continues to break all the barriers and has the Rangers survival at the edge of existence finally take a turn for the positive. The latest issues continues to see as dark forces coalesce around this new team of Power Rangers, they’re confronted by the sinister enemy who’s been secretly plotting their downfall…and that of the entire universe. But this new villain is about to be in for the fight of his life.

This is a bigger threat than any of the team have ever dealt with before and it is going to take everything they got to survive. Luckily they have a few tricks up their sleeves. We now know that Grace brought her own personal Zord with them, we also know that the solar Ranger is an extension of the Morphing grid and finally we know that alternate future KIm has picked up some knowledge from her time in Lord Drakkon’s service. Invaluable knowledge that lets her tap into the morphing grid in new and unexpected ways.

But lets face it, you guys are not here to hear about the old you want to know the new, well sandy though the Solar Ranger is a complete badass and the villain is rather intimidating we still barely know next to nothing about them. But that is what makes them so great they still have limitless potential to surprise us.

Issue 34 had a few major plot details but in the end it was more style than anything. This book is just beautiful and I really cannot oversell how gorgeous this one is Simone di Meo, Walter Baiamonte and Francesco Segala have done an amazing job bringing this world to life. Every page is filled with such life that it just sucks you right in.

I still do wonder though, where is this plot going?

Do they have an idea or are they winging it?

Because this story may be hard to tie up…

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