How Captain Marvel Will Change The MCU

Captain Marvel just dropped their second trailer and Marvel really are finding new ways to blow us all away. The trailer takes us back to the outer space and shows us another possible new world, with what I presume is Hala, capital of the Kree Empire. It’s nothing new but this minor creation helps further expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But what really helps makes this film so important to the MCU is Captain Marvel herself. The obvious way is that she the first female hero to hold a lead role in a film. Though Black Widow has been an integral part of the Avengers and Jessica Jones was a brilliant series, they still do not stack up being the lead role in a blockbuster film.

The addition of Captain Marvel to the MCU now makes her Marvels second superhero, canonically and she helps further tie the alien side of things with the humans. Which helps bring the Guardians of the Galaxy closer to the rest of the MCU.

Coming at us with the tag line: Everything Begin’s, with her/ a hero. shows how this film will be so significant. It seems to be a soft reboot saying that everything that is currently happening in the MCU leads back to Captain Marvel. Maybe it’s an over statement or hyperbole but there is a possibility that it is true.

Through out the trailer we see hints of her true power and her skill, hell we see her flying towards a fleet of ships and we also get this amazing shot of her powering up. She will surely change the scale of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there will be few who could truly oppose her. If you are wondering what her abilities are and how powerful she is, then check out the video below:

It really looks like she is going to change the MCU maybe it will be the timeline, the scale of battles, the gender balance or all three.






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