Sunrise On Endor Is The Ultimate Tribute To The 80’s

Just last week I sat around with my mates and watched a few John Carpenter films and after several pints plus a few hot whiskeys we moved on to talking about their iconic sound tracks, this inevitably lead us to discussing our favorite synth based sound tracks. Whether it be from the 80’s or maybe it’s just Stranger Things Opening and even more obscure it could be Electric Youth, who are an excellent modern Synth band. Our love for the synth never went away and this video SUNRISE ON ENDOR – An 80’s Inspired Music Video is the perfect homage to all those beats that we love.

The song is composed by¬†Gemini Sunset and though it is outstanding it’s the video by Gareth Wood that turns the nostalgia factor right up to Eleven. Sunrise On Endor has tributes to Return of The Jedi, Robocop, Tron, Blade Runner, Aliens and many many more, it is such a beautiful love letter to so many of my passions. If you want to know more then check out the video below.

It is both an amazing listen and a fun watch and if you are a fan of Sunrise On Endor then check out Gareth Woods earlier work on “Twin Ion Sunset” you will not be disappointed.

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