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Have I ever mentioned how much I love Boom’s take on the Power Rangers?

Because I really do. Their latest escapade is just fantastic. To fill you in after an epic battle involving an army of evil Rangers and every Power Ranger that has ever existed a small group of survivors have gone all Lost In Space and ended up drifting around the void of some alternate universe. There they have encountered a mysterious new Ranger, the only Ranger that seems to be fighting the good fight in this dark and terrifying universe.

The issues sees this current ad hoc team gain the trust of this new mysterious Ranger. They learn her tragic back story and begin to get a glimpse into this strange new universe, though each answer seems to leave us with a dozen more questions. This may seem like a bad thing but to me it’s great, the plot just sucks you and forces you along for the ride.


The issue does an amazing job of world building without telling us much and by taking away the teams, powers, allies and zord’s it really helps strip things back to basics. This is Power Rangers for people who have “out grown” Power Rangers. They have done a fantastic job teasing this new hero and an even better job in keeping the villain secret. We still know absolutely nothing about him, other than he is  a viable threat. The only issue is as it currently stands it seems like his motivation is very basic, but that all may change.

As per usual the art direction is fantastic they done an amazing job at bringing this alien universe to life and made it look both captivating and inhospitable all at once. Again another great continuation to a fantastic series.

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