My Top 10 Stan Lee Cameos

It took me over a week but I was able to finally lock down my favorite top 10 Stan Lee cameos, is there one I missed if so comment below?

Ten – The Winter Soldier

This is a simple one, it just made me have a little chuckle, the fact that Captain America broke in to his own exhibit and stole his own uniform, you wonder what would happen to that security guard. It is not the most special cameo but it is one of my fav’s. 

Nine – Big Hero Six

This one just came as a little surprise, sure it was a Marvel film but I honestly did not see this cameo coming, though it did give us:

Fred: Dad, I just wish I could share my accomplishments with you. You mean so much to me and, honestly I’ve always felt a distance, what with you being on the family island all the time and I just wish you could see how-

[Fred touches the portrait and it opens, revealing a secret room. Inside is a large computer console, two sets of superhero costumes and a plethora of different gadgets. Fred enters the room and looks around. He picks up a pair of underwear]

Fred’s Dad: Fred.

[Fred’s Dad enters the room to reveal that he is none other than Stan “The Man” Lee]

Fred’s Dad: Son.

Fred: Dad.

Fred’s Dad: [He picks up the underwear and holds them proudly] I wear ’em front. I wear ’em back.

Fred, Fred’s Dad: [Fred joins in] I go inside out. Then I go front and back.

Fred: Dad!

[Fred hugs his father happily]

Fred’s Dad: We have a *lot* to talk about!

Eight – Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

Again this is a complete surprise, after all it’s a DC film, but Stan Lee knows how to poke fun at himself and this cameo proves it.

Seven – Deadpool

The first three have been very tame and family friendly, this one in typical Deadpool fashion goes a completely different route. Here we have Stan Lee as a DJ in a strip club. We all knew the cameo was coming, after all the opening credits announced it, but still when I saw this I bust a gut laughing.

Not only was the concept funny, but his lines where brilliant:

Strip Club DJ : You can’t buy love, but you can rent it for three minutes!

Strip Club DJ : Hey. Coming on to our stage right now… give it up for Chastity!

Weasel : Or as I like to call her… Irony.


Six – Spider-Man The Animated Series

Back to being serious for a moment, this was just a lovely cameo. At this point in the series Peter is at an absolute low, he is exhausted and sick of his Superhero life but after a long  and extensive adventure, involving clones, aliens, fortune tellers and alternate universes he eventually ends up in our world and goes to meet his creator, this helps him get some much needed appreciation.

Five – Thor Ragnarok

By the time we got this cameo we must have thought we had seen it all, but no!

Now we have a cybernetic barber Stan Lee on an alien world, working for an enthralling dictator and our world will always be the better for it.

Four – Agents Of Shield

What would Agents of Shield be without its own cameo and this one came back in the shaky first season. It gives us more questions than answers like who are these two women and why is Stan so judgmental, either way I had to make it my number four.

Three – Spider-Man PS4

I promise this is my very last Spider-Man reference but I think including Stan Lee in the PS4 game was a great touch the game was probably one of the best versions of Spidey that we have ever seen. The fact that they included this little nod to his creator is just beautiful.

Two – Captain America Civil War

The fact that to this day I still refer to people as Tony Stank shows how great this scene is.

One – Mallrats

This one is my absolute favorite, it’s just the perfect mix of heart felt and hilarious. If you have not seen Mallrats the film follows two men that have recently been dumped by their girlfriends. Jason Lee is one of these broken hearted boys, he and his best friend decide to head to the mall for the day. Along the way we find out that Jason Lee has been banned from the comic book store and thus cannot get to meet Stan Lee. In the end he ends up meeting Stan and getting some great advice from him. Sadly Stan refuses to answer any questions about Superhero genitalia. 

So once again what was your favorite cameo?

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