RWBY Season 6 Finally Releases Their Trailer

Season 5 was exceptionally good, until it’s end. I don’t know why but it felt a little anticlimactic, but it did lead to team RWBY reuniting and this time they are far more powerful than they have ever been, with a more mature outlook on life these young women are back and ready to kick ass.

A few key factors I have noticed here is that for some reason Weiss has increased her clothing, probably because of the snow, yet Blake remains unmoved by the cold. Also who is yang carrying on her bike?

Is this a new antagonist?

We seem to have a group of people bowing down before someone who appears to be floating…

Emerald really has bitten off more than she can chew with this one…

Maybe this will lead to her switching sides or being openly killed off, perhaps she could be a replacement for Pyrrha Nikos.

I am seeing a snow battle on top of a moving train, which I think comes before the first picture I showed you, anyway the the battle looks like it has the potential to be epic.

Adam being his usual emo self, I wonder when is he going to realize that he is leading his people to their doom.

I am optimistic about this series, it’s looking like as usual Rooster Teeth are going to be taking things up a notch and really showing us how animation should be done.



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