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When last we left the Rangers they where in a truly dire situation, most of the team where powerless, their space ship was drained of all it’s energy and they where about to face a horde of dangerous Aliens looking for a fight. At this point most of us would have given up but not the Power Rangers, they rally and they try to find a way to fight back.

The issue mostly follows an ad hoc team of Rangers forced to track down this new Purple Ranger. Of course not is all as it seems and we are left with more questions than answers.

Through out the issue we here mention multiple times of The Praetor, it’s only at the end do we truly see him. We know very little about him other than he appears human and the title of Praetor is of Ancient Roman origin. Praetor was a title granted by the government of Ancient Rome to men acting in one of two official capacities either the commander of an army or an elected magistrate assigned various duties. It can be assumed then that he is human and is somehow leading an army of aliens in a dying universe. He also seem’s to have an obsession with our heroes Powers. 

The current team is pretty strange, consisting of the Magna Defender, Red Space Ranger, The second yellow Ranger and the Green Samurai Ninja Storm Ranger and two special cases which I will get to shortly. As for these four, it’s an interesting mix and helps bring forward people where not necessarily main characters in their original series. with the possible exception of the red. Though along with the two other members these 6 cover the colors of the original team, Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Black and Green, you have to wonder was this done on purpose or was this just a happy coincidence.

Our Blue Ranger is an interesting choice, for this BOOM! have selected Heckyl, from Power Rangers Dino Charge and in this series he is the Dino Charge Dark Ranger, though still colored blue. I am not very familiar with this guy, but he has a host of abilities beyond that of any human and he was once a villain of sorts, though a sympathetic one, though by the end of the series he had switched to the side of good. He comes off as an arogant prick but one that the team are going to and can rely on.

Meanwhile Kimberly is finally behaving like her true self again, now that the burden of Lord Drakkon is gone she can finally relax. Kimberly is slipping into a leadership role easily and it’s great that she has evolved into such a decisive character, one that young women can look up to.

This serious has continued its dark and gritty take on a classic and that’s a good thing, I cannot continue to praise this series enough.

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