Vans X Disney Are Going To Drain All Your Cash

October is usually a good month to save, with the Holiday season almost in sight you really do want to keep those few extra dollars, but Disney does not want that. Not only are they taking all our cash when we go to the cinema, their theme parks and watch their Tv shows, they are now wanting to clothe us too. Now I know that Disney clothing is nothing new, but their Vans x Disney collection is the perfect way to celebrate 90 years of the house of mouse and also suck up all your hard earned cash and the worst bit is, they look so good we will probably just buy them anyway. All these tantalizing goodies will be released on October 5th and if you are a Disney fan they will be worth the investment, after all both are known and trusted brands so you are not paying for garbage, possibly my worst sales pitch yet …

With designs paying homage to Mickey, Minnie, Fantasia, a new tops and some nice bags, you cannot deny you are intrigued.

Have a look below and if your interested check out the link here.

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