Captain Marvel Trailer Breakdown

The wait is finally over, what has now become Marvel’s answer to DC’S Wonder Women is here. Yes that’s right folks we at last have our first Captain Marvel trailer.

Don’t you just love that authentic 90’s feel, seeing a blockbuster video really can male you go all nostalgic. It really does not matter much but it is a nice nod to yesteryear 

The major highlight was finally getting to see Captain Marvel herself.

Seems like she will eventually align herself with Shield.

Who do we have here? I have  a few thoughts but I may be wrong.

The first display of her offensive powers and one that does not disappoint.

That is one handsome mother f**ker, who else was happy to see young Sam Jackson?

And we finally see Jude Law as the original Captain Marvel.

I am still not 100% sold on the design of the Skrull’s and think they look to much like Piccolo in the Dragon Ball movie.

Looks like we have a young Agent Coulson. This would help explain why upon meeting Thor and Iron Man  he was never really shocked.

Having the beeper here was both a nice nod to the 90’s and the end of Infinity War.

As much as the green suit is beginning to grow on me, it really is hard to top the current comic book design which is why I am loving this clip.

This film looks like another home run for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it really looks like they have learned from their mistakes by shaking things up in this film. It does look like we are going to get a fun science fiction romp but one set over three different time periods, which may put people off, though I feel that this will be the films main strength, as it will continue to distinguish it from others in the genera.




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