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Shattered Grid A Great Update On A Classic

Last week I gave you a brief rundown on my thoughts and feelings considering Shattered Grid, which only seemed fair as the book had yet to be published, now that many of you have read it I feel its only fair that I get to finally talk about it in greater detail.

If you are just tuning in then sit back and I will tell you all about Lord Drakkon. In this fantastic ongoing series Lord Drakkon has been a constant villain since the second major story arc, but his presence has truly been there since the start. Drakkon is an alternate version of Tommy, from a reality where Tommy chose to distance himself from the Power Rangers and instead return to Rita, this time willingly. A new scared and broken Tommy is putty in her hands and easily falls to the darkness, eventually killing Rita and becoming the sole supreme ruler of Earth. With little opposition Tommy now Lord Drakkon reigns supreme, though this one world would never be enough for him and eventually he decides to go after every other group of Power Rangers that has ever and will ever exist.

This particular series gave us so much and was full of surprises, some of my favorites where the new Zords, the Black Dragon, The Grave Zord and of course the final Megazord from the moon battle where truly epic. Not only did the creative team bring their A game for the action they also crafted a wonderful story that helped bring together several generations of one of the worlds most iconic superhero teams.

What makes this series so good is the sub text, the things we can all relate too. For me that is fear and how it drives us to make bad and irrational decisions. I recently stopped talking with a very good friend of mine and that opened up a whole can of worms for me, I realized that I am someone that defines themselves by the people around them, I am someone who needs these people to bring out the best in me. Now how is this relevant? 

This series is literally about Tommy choosing to be alone, choosing to go full darkside and lash out against the world, not only that but at the end we see an idealized world one where he is the greatest hero and in this world he was surrounded by friends and loved ones, in fact not only that he is surrounded by the people he once spurned.

In the end the series pushes that we need to forge strong bonds with people to survive without having to fight for every inch of your existence and not only that to truly be happy we need to face our fears we cannot hide away behind the things that give us comfort weather it be power, wealth or intoxication. This is what made Lord Drakkon such a great villain, as powerful as he was he never stopped being that lost teenager reaching out for the sword of darkness from season one of the power rangers.

Away from Tommy we saw a lot of surprising depths added to the main cast of characters. Some of my favorites where seeing Kimberly from 3 different time lines, Jason step up to the role he was chosen for, alternate future Finster being weirdly close with Lord Drakkon and finally Jen Scotts and Lauren Shiba alliance with the original team was pretty awesome.

This series really took me by surprise it went from a loving revival of a series that brought me so much joy to this deep meaning series that actually has helped me grapple with a fear that for a while really over ran my life and in the end it really is worth the read.




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