DC are continuing to make up for the shambles that was the Titans trailer with their sneak peak at Reign Of The Supermen. 

If you have never read Reign of the Superman I will advise you pick it up, it is criminally underrated and was a great follow up to the Death Of Superman.

Set in a world where Superman died fighting the alien beast known as Doomsday, the story follows 4 people who have come forward to claim the mantle of Superman. Each with their own unique personalities and gifts.

The four would be Supermen are:

  • Superboy, who claims to be a  teenage version of Superman

  • Cyborg Superman, he claims to be the resurrected Superman enhanced with cybernetic pieces

  • The Last Son Of Krypton, AKA the Eradicator, he also claims to be Superman and has similar powers to the original

  • Finally we have Steel, this Man Of Steel never claimed to be Superman but was a human trying to fill the big guys shoes

Its a great story and one that I think everyone will enjoy. With plenty of action, a few twists and 4 heroes that each represent part of what made Superman great, it’s a great way to deconstruct the man of Metroppolis and have the fans see him in a whole new light.

Interestingly enough Louis will be the driving force of this film as she will follow the clues to help find out who the real Superman truly is. 

Weirdly for me I hope they have made a few changed to the original plot, just so we can have a few surprises, but in the end I am really looking forward to this one.

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