Celebrate The Purge At San Diego Comic-Con

Do you ever think that holidays just sneak up on you, God knows I have nearly missed Easter and Father’s day in 2018 and what about the annual purge, I can’t help but think to myself, If only there was one non stop shop for all your Purge supplies?

Well thanks to Purge City all our prayers have been answered!

Ok this place obviously is not real, but it is a fun free instillation that you can find in downtown San Diego set up specifically for Comic-Con

It is filled to the brim with an unusual combination of defense products, that our sadly not for sale and other merchandise that can be purchased with “Purge bucks,” which you can get at the store. If your wondering what you can get with Purge bucks, well think t-shirts, hats, bumper stickers, pins, Purge Day Cards, a 12 hour candle and magnets you know the usual holiday crap.

Though the holy grail of collectors items will be there, if you get in soon enough you can pick up a copy of the fictional 28th Amendment to the Constitution. (Which all Purge fans will know as the law which began the Purge)

Apparently within the store there is a large diorama where employees will take you the customer through all you purge necessities.

Check Purge city out  at 215 Tony Gwynn Dr where you’ll also find item demos and clips of the new upcoming Purge series.


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