Titans Has Left Me Confused

You all know I hate using this site to complain and insult other people’s work and that is why I really am going to struggle with Titans, because I have no clue what DC are thinking. They created a series full of teen angst with a cast that may not even be teens, so WTF DC. So sit back and I will give you a blow by blow of my thought process while watching this trailer.

I will say this they are sticking with the correct origin story for Dick Grayson and I can appreciate that.

The casting for Raven is great, especially if you are looking her to appear like she does in the 2016 comics,

The appearance of Robin’s signature weapons was another plus. 

Then things start to get weird, honestly when Robin appears and begins to fight I am starting to think, ok this is pretty cool, he is violent but maybe he is looking for his own path, then suddenly he looks to the camera to say “F**k Batman”, what the serious hell is going on here?

Next we see Beast Boy/ Changling and honestly the design looks like he is in a fan made film, not insulting the actor here, this is not his fault just feel like production could do better. Though this may be permanent and this could change.

Not sure what’s going on with Starfire here and In my defense I am not saying anything about the actress, just not sure of her outfit. However I do like that she does glow orange with green eyes when using her powers making her much more like her comic counterpart.

We now get to see a brief shot of Dove and I think maybe Hawk, throughout this trailer it seems they are going more Watchmen than Justice League and I can appreciate that but I wonder if this is the right choice.

Now Raven appears to be the girl from the Ring. 

So yes I honestly am a little bewildered by this series. What I will say is there is a good show in there somewhere but they will need to do a lot of retooling to make it work.

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