What The Hell Is Mortal Engines?

Mortal Engines is a fantasy film like no other. Set in a dystopian future where our world was brought to the brink of ruin by the “Sixty Minute War” the survivors of the West found that the only way to survive was kill or be killed and thus was born Municipal Darwinism. 

What is Municipal Darwinism?

This is the process by which one city, devours another and when I say devour, I mean they literally eat each other.

How can a city, eat another one?

In this supposedly dark timeline, many Western Cities are now giant Steam Punk mobile fortresses that move across what is left of the world trying to destroy each other.

Ok that seem’s a little far-fetched.

Yes, yes it is, but first off is a movie, a grand one that has an interesting if not unique story to tell, but I should also mention that there is another faction of cities that oppose municipal Darwinism, This faction is called the Anti-Traction League.

(I guess this article has reached by two telescope limit, well it had to happen at some point)

So what’s the plot?

Mortal Engines see’s the orphan boy Tom save the life of the man he idolized only to have the man throw him to his death, where upon he begins to learn the great lie of the world around him and how what he once thought as civilized, may in fact be truly brutal and  savage. Along the way he forms a close friendship with the heavily scarred Hestor Shaw, in the film they have toned her scarring down, which is kind of a shame. Her origins and her scars tie in deeply with London’s great lie and the two form a bond that will forever alter the world.

How would describe this movie?

Well it has a great and varied cast, it’s from the mind of Peter Jackson, who let’s face it has an eye for talent. Its like Mad Max but with a fantasy twist and on a scale that most movies could only dream of, not only that but ti will be a truly unique experience that will hopefully blow us all away.

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