Hotel Artemis Red Band Trailer

Every new trailer has me a little more excited for this film. Set in the near future Hotel Artemis tells the story of Jean Thomas, played by Jodie Foster, a woman who runs a secret hospital for criminals in Los Angeles. With a stellar cast that also includes Sterling K Brown, Sofia Boutella, Charlie Day, Dave Bautista and Jeff Goldblum this looks to be a truly unique watch, there are also rumors of Zachary Quinto, Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy will be in it to, if that’s true then this little movie may have one of the best casts out there right now. From what I can gather Goldblum is hunting one or more of the patients in the Hotel and this leads to an armed stand off being those inside and those outside, Its something that is unique and pays homage to what came before it, if your sick of blockbusters this may be the film for you.

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