Deadpool 2 The Definitive Easter Egg And Reference List

Deadpool 2 is one of these films that just keeps on giving there are so many Easter Eggs in the film and god knows I have missed a few but I have decided to go ahead and compile a list of as many Easter Eggs and references as I could spot, though I am leaving out the Robo Cop one because that is a little to obvious…

Brad Pitt – This one is a real blink and you will miss it moment but when Vanisher eventually dies it is revealed that the whole time he was being played by none other than Brad Pitt, who at one point was in the running to play Cable.

Speaking of Vanishers death; the deaths of so many X-Force members is not unheard of because back in X-Force 116 the majority of a brand new team where killed off, just like in this film.

Mojo World – When X-Force member Shatter Star first appears he informs the audience that he is from the Alien Planet of Mojo World and fans of X-Men will be very familiar with this hell hole.

X-Men Cameo – While in the Mansion Wade manages to miss a cameo by the current X-Men actors who are clearly avoiding the Merc With A Mouth

The X-Man Yukio was a merger of Yukio a ninja and another electric based character from the franchise – Yukio was also used in The Wolverine, but these two are unrelated.

X-Men Trainee Uniform – You will have seen Wade sporting this uniform when he first tries to be a hero, this too is a nod to the comics when Deadpool tries to join the X-Men and sports a fake uniform, much to the annoyance of Cyclops.

Speaking of X-men there where a couple of cheeky references to Logan with its music being played, Wolverine cereal and also during the credits when Wade – Turns back time to kill the Fake Wolverine Origins Deadpool.

Black Tom Cassidy and The Juggernaut where both prisoners of The Ice Box, which in the comics is the Canadian Superhuman Prison, those two characters are usually depicted as Partners in Crime with one being the Cousin of Banshee and the other the Step Brother of Xavier.

They where not the only villains referenced in Deadpool 2, the school was known as the Essex School which is a not so subtle reference to Mr Sinister

As for familial ties, Cables daughter was mentioned as being Hope, which is a reference to Hope Summers.

Two nice little nods to the source material where Deadpool’s grey suit and his scooter, both staples of the comics. (They even made a hint towards Wade’s troubled relationship with his father)

They also brought back Deadpool’s Croc’s, the 4 or 5 moments speech and the Cure for blindness from the original film.

Outside of the X-Men they referenced plenty of other Marvel movies – Criticizing Hawkeye’s usefulness, doing the Sun’s getting real low talk on Juggernaut and calling Cable by another Josh Brolin role, Thanos.

But that wasn’t the only Marvel references, Thunderstruck was used when X-force (whose salute seemed a little similar to the Wakanda one) jumped out of plane, just like Iron man in his second outing, meanwhile at the start when Cable does his Terminator entrance he see’s two men listening to Escape from Guardians Of The Galaxy soundtrack, btw one of those guys was Alan Tudyk who starred in firefly alongside Morena Baccarin.

It wasn’t just Marvel that got lampooned, DC was hit too with references to the DC universe being so Dark and of course the infamous MARTHA scene

You may have caught it when Deadpool called Cable Thanos but he also called him One Eyed Willy which is a not so subtle poke at the Goonies, a film the cable actor starred in when he was much younger.

We all wondered why Ryan Reynolds sang Tomorrow, from Annie, on a Korean Tv show I guess it was because the film used the same song near it’s end.

The opening credits with a classic Celine Dion tune where an obvious riff on the classic Bond Opening, that and they also mentioned John Wick and had a little Flash Dance esque shot.

The Boombox scene was a piss take on Say Anything, complete with the same Peter Gabriel song.

All Out Of Love by Air Supply being used may have been a nod to Van Wilder another classic Ryan Reynolds role.

The Frozen /Papa Can you Hear Me link is now something I cannot unhear

Green Lantern … Well I do not need to even mention that one now do I?




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