MCM London to Debut Dark Rising’s First Trailer

It is a real testament to the the MCM restructuring at how much this convention has grown.  Not only is MCM London getting its own Funko exclusives, fantastic guests and all the other tropes that go along with massive world wide conventions but they are also getting to debut exclusive shows. MCM London will be giving the world its first sneak peak at Dark Rising. Dark Rising tells an expansive tale that moves from the slums of central Africa to neglected communities across Europe and Central America, this series will tell the story of a group of out cast youths who begin to discover they have dangerous powers. Combining a truly world wide scope with a dark and gritty tone, this show looks like it is truly a unique vision, one we have not seen before. Dark rising has been brought to us by the prestigious award-winning filmmakers Souvid Datta and Chris Bouchard who will be at MCM London on the Sunday to host a panel and give the fans a real treat. This honestly looks like one that everyone will want to see.


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