The new Ant-Man and The Wasp Trailer Breakdown

Warning their will be Infinity War Spoilers below.

As of Infinity War we know that Scott is currently under house arrest and it appears that this film takes place at that point. We can see Scott here in a new setting from the last film and we can presume this may be his new home, maybe one where he can get visits from his daughter.

Ant-Man and The Wasp is going to be a much needed post Infinity War pallet cleanse. It’s going to be a much more fun romp witch uses its premises to give us a few laughs, something we really need.

I like to see how people in the Marvel Universe have become almost apathetic to Super Humans, just like how the general public are becoming to Super Hero films. This self-referential humor is part of the reason I really love the more light hearted Marvel Films.

We can see that Hank has been searching for his wife through the Quantum Realm and in this he has made great strides With a more advanced mode of transport, which probably helps him stay coherent in his travels.

If you missed our history of Ghost do check it out. In Ant-Man and the Wasp  she has swapped gender from her original comic book male and has been taken from Tony Stark’s rogues gallery to become an Ant-Man villain, not sure if this makes up for Ultron. Though to help with story telling they have made her technology now a twisted perversion of Hank Pym’s, which kind of makes sense, at least in my head it does.

Its a scene with a giant salt shaker, whats not to love.

Either they are really going with the weird vibe or this is another flash back story…

I am really glad to see Bill Foster not only being included in this film, but he is also just known as Goliath here, instead of Black Goliath. Ok that is incorrect but they do allude to the Goliath moniker and not the Black Goliath one. A great character and even more diversity this is a fantastic step for Marvel. Plus it has a nice size measuring joke added in for good affect.

This film has a lot to live up to, the original was a success and usually Marvel’s second film tends to fall a little flat (Iron Man 2, Thor 2, Guardians Vol 2, Age of Ultron – I am actually a huge fan of two of these films) though since phase 2 Marvel have learned a lot and seem to know what they are doing. What this film needs is more Wasp, more Michael Peña as Luis and hopefully a slightly different twist on the original.

I would love it if at some point during the film Thano’s does his finger click and wipes out half of everything. I would love if this actually happened after they saved the original Wasp and killed her and Scott, leaving Hank Pym and his daughter Hope alive for the follow up to infinity war. This would give Wasp her true chance to shine and leave you with one of the MCU’s smartest men in the form of Hank Pym.



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