Ghost, the new villain in Ant-Man and The Wasp

There is not much know about Ghost, they are apparently someone who used to work in “I.T.” and has a strong anti-capitalist view of the world. Originally portrayed as a supervillain, the character has later developed into a somewhat anti-hero. In the comics the ghost is a he but this time round he will be played by Killjoy’s star Hannah John-Kamen, so what we know about Ghost will be difficult to determine, as they are already making big changes. In the comics they once worked as a programmer/engineer at Omnisapient. The person who would be Ghost managed to impress the company board with their sheer genius quickly coming to lead Omnisapient’s flagstaff project. “The ghost tech” a revolutionary processor that could physically change in reaction to its environment, becoming intangible before overheating. Thanks to the Ghost Tech, the company’s stock skyrocketed. At this point you would think the board would reward them, but no they kept pushing this one person for more and more. Eventually they decided to take a well deserved vacation yet right before they left on their trip, the impossible happened they fell in love and stayed at their company to be closer to this new source of light, suddenly their world was perfect and Ghost’s life could not get any better. Until an explosion at their apartment happened killing their beloved.

Of course they would soon discover how foolish they where, their true love was placed there by the company and never loved them only to be killed for trying to Blackmail Omnisapient. This lead to the accident that would give Ghost the idea idea to create a suit made of Ghost tech and strike back at those who hurt them. The suit lets Ghost turn them self and any objects they touches invisible or intangible, but not both at the same time. The suit also has devices to let them hack and also some offensive guns.

This is the perfect choice of Villain to go up against Ant-Man, one they have similar anti-capitalist/Anti-establishment beliefs and two its going to be funny to watch Scott get his ass kicked by a women for the third time. Guess Wasp will have to step up for this fight.

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