Nerdgeist in Japan – Gundam Unicorn at DiverCity

DiverCity is a well know shopping area just outside the center of Tokyo. It is described as a shopping mall designed with the theme of creating a “theatrical city space”, though I am unsure what that means. Complete with a wide variety of shops  and a large collection of authentic Japanese restaurants and convenient access to public transport. All that is great but the main attraction in DiverCity, at least for a giant nerd like me, is their life sized recreation of Gundam Unicorn.

I honestly did not think that I would enjoy this, on the way there I was exhausted and just wanted to go rest my head, but all the changed as I drew closer to the Life Sized Gundam Unicorn. Seeing it at its full height is mind blowing. Plus every night after sunset on the hour they put on an excellent show, with a video and light show that its quite emotional, its well worth the visit. If you are in need of more just below the Gundam is on of the infamous Gundam Cafe’s and if your a true Gundam fanatic further into the complex lies a real treat that I will get to in a later articleIMG_2489ddd.pngIf your looking to get there it’s very easy. Odaiba can be reached in 20 minutes by car from the Tokyo International Airport(Haneda Airport), in 21 minutes by train, and 15 minutes by the Limousine Bus service. From Narita Airport, it can be reached in around 60 minutes by car, in 67 minutes by train, and in 60 minutes by the Limousine Bus service.





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