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The latest story arc for this series has just begun and it’s looking like ‘Shattered Grid’ may outdo all the previous plots. Lord Drakkon has escaped his confinements and is looking for some revenge. This issue revealed a little more about Drakkon, like his powers are caused by fusing two others together, possible by Ninjor, which makes me wonder why would he have done that? Meanwhile reeling from the loss of Sabba the Rangers continue to make preparations. Yellow and Blue are on the technical side of things, while Red takes charge and puts his foot down meanwhile Pink and Green continue to grow closer, helping to further pull Tommy away from the dark path he could take. 

We know that Evil Tommy was able to pass Ninjor’s test with flying colors, we also know that the Black Dragon is his official Zord and where he draws his powers from, so that answers some questions, though as for his powers I do wonder are they caused by combining the Green Power with that of the White, or perhaps it was something else, either way it looks totally badass. Now that Drakkon is released we are left wondering what will happen to Grace and her forces also is Drakkon going home or would we rather inflict revenge on the Rangers and Grace?One of this issues greatest aspects was bringing in both Ninjor and the Time Force Rangers separately. This helps lay out plans for a much bigger universe and is nice for the hardcore fans. 


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