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Jessica Jones – Who is the Whizzer?

A friend of mine texted me last night laughing at the new speedster named in Jessica Jones Season 2, yes folks I am going to be talking about THE WHIZZER! In the Netflix and MCU continuity the Whizzer is a metahuman whose mental stability is highly questionable this is possibly due to experimentation upon him by the people also experimented on Jessica too.

For those unfamiliar with the Whizzer they might be shocked to realize that he is an existing Marvel Character. Yes this ridiculously named character has existed for a long time, in fact he was one of Captain Americas old allies, many people of my generation will be familiar with his appearances in the 1990’s Spider-man cartoon and for you young’ins you will know that he was voiced by Robert Patrick in the Ultimate Spider-man. Obviously these characters are very different from each other, hell they do not even share the same secret identity and or origin, but still this is who the Whizzer is.

Even if they are different they still found ways to tie the characters together, from dressing the live action one in the original colors, to giving him a pet mongoose, because the original got his powers from mongoose blood, yes umm not really sciencry, but I will let it slide because it was the golden age. (Fun fact the original Whizzer had a very racist side kick called Slow Motion Jones… shudders, wonder why they left him out of this series.)



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