The Naked and Famous – A Still Heart

Ever since I heard Young Blood I have been hooked on this band. As musicians go their music is diverse and suited for so many moods, but at its core its energetic and great to dance to. The tunes are energizing and refreshing, though at times they can bring you down and make you highly aware of what your hearts and minds are thinking. The latest album is different from all of that, its a quiet selection of music, an album of stripped down versions of some of the bands greatest music and also heir first ever cover. They have taken the music that used to get me pumped up and served it to me in a way that just relaxes me and chills me out, while remaining just as, if not more beautiful.

As much as I absolutely love Alisa Xayalith vocal talents, I honestly think she is one of the best singers of this era of music and a truly underappreciated talent, its Thom Powers who absolutely broke me on Girls Like You, the stripped down version of it is one of the best songs I have heard this year, hands down.

Track listing

1. “A Still Heart” 3:50
2. “Punching in a Dream” 3:28
3. “Last Forever” 3:50
4. “All of This” 4:01
5. “Girls Like You” 4:14
6. “Higher” 4:02
7. “I Kill Giants” 4:05
8. “No Way” 4:30
9. “Teardrop” 3:26
10. “Young Blood” 3:49

Sadly the band has lost two of its members but they shall go on and in the end I will be spending the next few days chilling out and listening to this fantastic album.


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