Millie Bobby Brown to Become Sherlock Holmes Sister

Lets face it, we all loved her as Eleven in Stranger Things, but Millie Bobby Brown is meant for so much more. The young actress blew us all away with her reserved performance as Eleven and now it looks like she is going to by playing the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes. For those unaware of or currently scratching their heads, Enola Holmes is the brainchild of  Nancy Springer. And from 2006 till 2010 she appeared in 6 books all about her exploits where she solved crimes while evading her two older brothers, who want her to live a normal average life. The concept seemed a bit odd to me but after looking into it further and seeing the reception the books have had, you can consider my interest grabbed.With Brown not only playing the lead role but also lined up to produce this should be an interesting series of films. Currently the only other information we have is that its being made by Legendary Entertainment, other than that we at Nerdgeist are very happy to see this young talent continue to shine.

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