SHE-RA Is coming to Netflix

While sifting through some of next years announcement from Netflix and Dreamworks I spotted this little gem and had to go back and reread, just to confirm, that yes its true She-Ra is coming to Netflix.In her original appearance she was the long lost twin sister of He-Man, though something tells me that will be different in this series. Especially since there is currently no active He-Man shows, but at this point purely speculation. She has super strength, incredible speed, enhanced agility, the agility to talk to animals and limited emphatic powers. This selection will make her ideal for the current climate where we are finally beginning to acknowledge women being equal to men.

What grabbed my interest is that the show will be written by Noelle Stevenson. Noelle is one of modern comics top writers, giving me one of my all time favouite series, Lumberjanes ! She is in touch with modern women and their wants and not only that she can write a dam good story that easily trascends gender making itaccessabile for any9one. Stevenson is the perfect choice for this and I for one am looking forward to see what she puts out.

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