Annihilation just treated us to another trailer

Ever since I attended the Ex Machina showing in SXSW all those years ago I have become a firm convert to everything Alex Garland’s name gets attached too. Not only that but his latest film is an adaption of an acclaimed novel by  Jeff VanderMeer. The story will see Five female scientists  (a biologist, an anthropologist, a psychologist, a Linguist and a surveyor) who set out into an area known as Area X. This area is an abandoned and cut off location from the rest of civilization. They are not the first expedition. All previous attempt’s have being fraught with issues from disappearances to suicides. Our biologist puts her name forward after her husband vanishes and she makes a desperate bid to get him back. All in all this film looks intense in the best way possible, if you are looking for something just out of the main stream that will challenge you this may be the film for you. Annihilation looks to be an exciting mix of, thrilling, depressing and terrifying all rolled into one and has become one of my most anticipated films .

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