The New Ready Player One Trailer Looks AWESOME

The second trailer for one of next years most anticipated games finally dropped and it looks like its made a few improvements on the last. As much as I was hyped by the original trailer a friend of mine pointed out it failed to show what was going on in the real world, if you have not read Ready Player One then the basic premise is that the world has gone to hell and the greatest form of escapism/entertainment is a VR simulator called The OASIS. The OASIS has replaced regular internet use and in the game you can be anyone and do anything you want, compared to the bleak monotone world this virtual reality has now become the new reality. When a competition from the creator of the Oasis offers the users the chance to gain control over the system, along with half a trillion is U.S. Dollars, the race is on to see who can be the first to win.

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