A surprising fact about Home Alone

So hands up everyone who watched Home Alone as a kid, right I am guessing that was most of you hmmm, hands up if you still watch it every year…. right still a lot of people, ok hand’s up if you know the surprising story about Buzz’s Girlfriend?  We all remember this scene from the film where Kevin is hoking through his brothers stuff, only to find a picture of his brothers then girls friend and he gave us this not so PC response:

Kevin’s reaction is further amplified by the fact that in general this is an awful photograph, looking back this can seem pretty harsh, only it’s not really. According to the actor who played Buzz, the movie bosses knew it would be harsh to cast someone as the girlfriend, just for her looks to be mocked. To get round this issue they had the Art Directors son dress up as a girl instead. At the time he was more than willing to volunteer for the role, but you gotta wonder looking back how he feels about it.

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