Mineralblu blows us away with this BLIZZCON vid

Sadly this year I could only attend BlizzCon via a virtual pass, which though great didn’t really give me access to the full event. It’s one thing to see a panel but it’s really not the same as being at said panel. There is a sort of energy at conventions, its hard to quantify, but when you go to a convention and your surrounded by your own kind, you know fellow nerds, of all shapes, sizes, creeds and colors, its great to know that here you are all bonded together, also there is nothing like standing in line all day to get the latest merchandise, you almost feel like you have achieved something. This video somehow captures the spirit of the day and helps us at home get a feel for the event. After all BlizzCon is a convention like no other and this video shows it off perfectly. Mineralblu has put together a truly awesome music video one of the best Cosplay videos I have seen in a while. What makes this so fantastic is that Mineralblu went one step further and they captured everything at BlizzCon, from the Overwatch World Championship to the amazing Displays and of course Muse.

If you are a fan of of Minerablu’s work then head over to his Facebook and Youtube page for more great content.

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