The New Avengers Teaser Is All About The Fans

I would love to say I am sick of teaser trailers, because let’s face it why do we apparently need a trailer for our trailer? Seriously can someone please answer me that? For this reason alone I am pleasantly surprised to have loved Marvel’s latest teaser for Infinity War. With the official trailer dropping later today Marvel decided to let us know by releasing a video made up entirely of fans reacting to previous Marvel trailers. This move managed to even make the cynic in me smile. Lets face it we have defiantly come a long way with these characters, so its great to see the fans growing with them and no doubt we will be saying good bye to more than one in this next installment, so have the tissues ready. In the end it was a wise choice to make this all about the fans, it shows that Marvel are watching us and trying to make the film for us.

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