Battlefront 2 DOES NOT REVEAL REY’S Parents

Ignore any article definitively promising that Rey’s parents are revealed in Battlefront 2’s single player campaign. Battlefront 2 simply uses red herrings to entice players into playing the game, this is a pretty cheap trick and honestly I am disappointed that EA would resort to this. I am not surprised they did this, what with the Loot Box controversy and the fact that you hardly play as inferno squad and even when you do they quickly go from Imperial to Rebel. This is kind of a slap in the face because I was looking forward to being an Imperial but one who was not evil. Who else wanted to crush some rebel scum? We had such high hopes and it seem’s EA just didn’t seem to get what we wanted.

Obi Wan You Were The Chosen One GIF Star Wars

So why do people think that Battlefront 2 reveals Rey’s parents? Well too some it up very briefly. In Battlefront 2, where we are supposed to play as Inferno Squad, two of its members end up living on Jakku, there they have a daughter. Yes the gender and time line both match up, but you forget a few major factors, 1: Rey is most definitely Caucasian, of these two characters only one is, 2: neither of these ex Imperial special forces are force sensitive, 3: we clearly see a young Rey being held by Unkar Plutt as her parents fly away in the Force  Awakens (While here there is no evidence to link Plutt to Inferno Squad) and 4: Disney are not going to give away major spoilers to their franchise in a game that not everyone is garunteed to play, never mind complete.

So why do this, why make a big deal about the existence of this daughter, well its simple, your going to have to find out more in paid for DLC. Congratulations guys we are officially being scammed and we all know it. I for one do not mind paid for DLC, if it augments the game, like Mass Effect 2, the DLC gave us great missions and some new characters, but the game was never finished by the DLC. When we purchase a game of this caliber we should not be expected to have to spend more just to finish it! Honestly this is sickening and I really expected better which has left me massively disappointed in this game.

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