My Star Wars Holiday Wish List

With the holidays coming up and Star Wars the Last Jedi coming out I thought too myself, what are the best Star Wars themed gifts for the Xmas loving Nerds out there, below are my top ten picks and sorry to all you Nerf Herders out there but there are no socks on this list, so you cant cheap out.

10. Boba Fett Backpack

The perfect backpack for being on the go or hunting down some of the worst scum in the universe.

  • Premium build Mandalorian style Backpack, made with the very best materials
  • Padded adjustable shoulder straps and multiple organisational compartments
  • Furry lined and padded laptop compartment
  • Comes with utility straps
  • Backpack measures approx. 50cm (H) x 35cm (W) x 15cm (D)

9. Lenvo Jedi challenge head set

This one is a little expensive but the head set will let you play Holochess, take part in strategic combat oh and actually take part in a lightsaber duel, seriously how awesome is that. So if you want to turn your living room into your sparring room this will be the present for you.

8. Lightsaber Blender

I love to cook, every Sunday I’m turning my kitchen into a laboratory of flavor, seeking to find balance in my wallet and my belly. For anyone looking to move out and live on their own, soups are the healthiest and best ways to make this possible and nothing is better at making soup than a hand held blender, which is something I need especially since my last one went on fire, I shit you not, my blender literally went on fire. So while in the market for a new blender I came across this, not only does it blend my food but also lets me pretend to wield a lightsaber, two for the price of one !

7.Star Wars Monopoly 40th Anniversary Edition

Back in my youth me and my friends used to get together every Christmas-Eve and play Star Wars Monopoly and with this anniversary edition I guess everyone will be able to join in our fun.

6. Air Hogs Poe Damerons X-Wing

Looks like the resistance is in desperate need of some good pilots, lucky your here to fly Poe Damerons boosted X-Wing. This Air Hogs toys have been going for years and the fact that this one lets you take on the role of arguably the coolest fighter in space, well it makes this a must have.

5. BB-9E App-Enabled Droid with Droid Trainer by Sphero

Nicknamed BB-Hate , this adorable astrometrix droid is the First Orders answer to the adorable BB-8 and now you can purchase your own personal controlled one all thanks to Sphero. Honestly there is actually no good reason why you would need this but I still kind of want one.

4. ThinkGeek’s Jedi Robe Sleeved Blanket and Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

These two need to go together because they are both designed to keep you warm on those cold Hoth nights. Think Geek have truly out done themselves with these, especially if you want to cuddle up and watch you some Star Wars. And if your an asshole like me, your girlfriend gets one and you get the other, in theory.

3.Star Wars Symbols Ladies’ Blazer

Are you the kind of lady who wants to represent the Star Wars fandom with style, well this funky blazer, may be the thing for you. What I love about this is the fact that it looks good but its subtle, you wouldn’t know this was a Star Wars Blazer unless you got right up and close to it, so for the Stylish Lady whose wants to be a dork then this is def the one for you.


This ones a no brainer, Funko have become hot commodities in the world of collectors and Star Wars Funko are no exception. Seriously you cannot go wrong with a Funko.

1.Star Wars films

Its coming up to Christmas and that to me is the perfect time for families to come together and watch some movies, especially after digesting some X-mas Turkey. So lets watch some Star Wars, first off you do not need to watch all 6 films of the original films, in fact skip Phantom and go from there also don’t worry about the 7 disc box because let’s face it there will be a 9 disc box out soon enough.

And folks that’s my Star Wars holiday wish list!

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