Will Luke Reject Rey?

While “The force Awaken’s” shared many themes with “A new Hope” it seems that “The last Jedi”may share several themes with “The Empire Strikes Back”. The theme I am considering is Luke’s rejection of the Jedi ways. We already see him claim that the Jedi need to end and we see hints of his fears about training Rey. What if like in Episode 5, Luke shirks his responsibilities, to do what he think’s is best and Rey ends up seeking guidance from another.

We know Kylo wanted to train her, but why would she go with Kylo, after all he killed her mentor. All those years living alone may have given her a pragmatic attitude and maybe she see’s destroying Kylo and by extension Snoke as something she should achieve no matter the risk, even if that means allying with them. On the other hand maybe a rejection by Luke and an addiction to her new blossoming powers could have sent her right into the arms of Kylo and Snoke.

This in turn would lead to her eventual capture by Snoke so that he may torment her in either hopes of draining her power or turning her to the Dark Side.

Thus spurning the once apathetic Luke into action, where he takes the Millennium Falcon off to rescue Rey.

How likely is this… Well its not impossible, though this would mean that the trailers where not as misleading as the previous time round, which I highly doubt. But this could be a good way to help bring Luke back into the fold. Maybe he see’s his apprentice near death as a reason for him to begin to follow the light side of the force.

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