Box Throne – KICKSTARTERS Newest Must Have !

It all starts with a thought – “Bookshelves are made for books, not games. It’s time to upgrade!”

That is where BoxThrone comes into play. The first ever made-for-board-games storage system. I know many people will wonder if it’s needed, why have a board game shelf? Well to answer that, if you have a lot of board games you are going to need a lot of storage space, the bottom shelves of my book cases are crammed full of board games, stored on their sides, crammed into a cramp and unnatural space, think of all those poor suffering board games and weep no more for Box Throne is here to save you all. Behold the first ever made-for-board-games storage system.

BoxThrone is a modular shelving system that lets you store every game flat. Games slide out with ease. No more stacking then in the corner, the attic or under the table, now you have a dedicated system to let you stand in pride, showing off all your games.

Not only do you have a new ease of storage you have the ability to expand. This is the most appealing aspect about BoxThrone, as your collection grows so can your storage and not only that but you can customize its colors and layout. (You can even make additional space for longer board games)

If like me you have a lot of board games you will notice your shelves may be taking the brunt of the load, BoxThrone avoids the damage by using stronger sturdier materials. If you are a Board Game fan then this is the Kickstarter for you.

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